This page hosts packages containing binaries of ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay.
These are compatible with Windows 7 and above. They may work on Windows Vista but that hasn't been tested.
If you're downloading ffmpeg to support features in a program such as Krita or Blender, get the release essentials build.
The full builds are now bundled with frei0r plugins - only git full at present. See README.txt in the package.

There are 4 Windows build variants available:

  • git full - built from master branch with a large set of libraries
  • git essentials - built from master branch with commonly-used libraries
  • release full - built from latest release branch with a large set of libraries
  • release essentials - built from latest release branch with commonly-used libraries

Feature libraries in essentials builds

avisynth libaom libass libfreetype libfribidi libgme libgsm libmp3lame libopencore-amrnb libopencore-amrwb libopenjpeg libopenmpt libopus librubberband libsrt libssh libspeex libtheora libvidstab libvmaf libvo-amrwbenc libvorbis libvpx libwebp libx264 libx265 libxvid libzimg libzmq sdl2

Additional feature libraries in full builds

chromaprint frei0r ladspa libbluray libbs2b libcaca libcdio libdav1d libflite libglslang libilbc libmodplug libmysofa librav1e libshine libsnappy libsoxr libsvtav1 libtwolame libzvbi vulkan

Hardware support libraries in all builds

amf cuda cuvid d3d11va dxva2 libmfx nvdec nvenc

Unless you have a specific requirement, download one of the git builds. Unlike many software, releases are primarily made for the convenience of OS distributors and package managers and don't signify greater stability or maturity.

All builds are 64-bit and licensed as GPL v3. Tools are licensed as LGPL v3.
All variants are available as statically linked builds. In addition, the release full variant is available as a shared build with development files.

7z archives can be opened using the free 7-zip utility.

Last build update: 2020-10-21      Next build update: 2020-10-25




Source code
release (22MB) (74MB)



Source code


aviocat crypto_bench cws2fws ffescape ffeval ffhash fourcc2pixfmt graph2dot ismindex pktdumper probetest qt-faststart seek_print sidxindex trasher venc_data_dump



Source code

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