FFmpeg Builds
binaries for Windows
This page hosts packages containing binaries of ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay.
Essentials build compatible with Windows 7 or above. Full build requires at least Windows 10.
If you're downloading a package to support features in a program like Krita or Blender, the release essentials build is sufficient. Read more in the section about these builds.
The following builds are also available through package managers:
release essentials: choco install ffmpeg winget install "FFmpeg (Essentials Build)"
release full: choco install ffmpeg-full scoop install ffmpeg winget install ffmpeg
release full shared: scoop install ffmpeg-shared winget install "FFmpeg (Shared)"
git master: scoop install ffmpeg-gyan-nightly
Last build update: 2024-06-24 Next build update: 2024-06-27
git master builds

release builds


list of tools
aviocat crypto_bench cws2fws ffescape ffeval ffhash fourcc2pixfmt graph2dot ismindex pktdumper probetest qt-faststart seek_print sidxindex venc_data_dump zmqsend

about these builds

FFmpeg is a widely-used cross-platform multimedia framework which can process almost all common and many uncommon media formats. It has over 1000 internal components to capture, decode, encode, modify, combine, stream media, and it can make use of dozens of external libraries to provide more capabilities.

The FFmpeg project offers 3 primary tools in source code form to access this functionality, which are ffmpeg for processing, ffprobe for information and ffplay for playback. Binaries of these tools can be built to include only a select set of these components & libraries. This site offers builds in a couple of variants: the essentials build variant contains commonly used libraries, whereas the full build variant also contains most of the remainder. See the libraries section for a list. All variants contain all internal components available for Windows.

FFmpeg's source code is maintained using a version control system called git. The git master builds are built from the master branch of the repository, which is where all development occurs whereas the release builds are built from the latest release branch. These are essentially a snapshot of the master branch at a given point of time. They are updated with bug and security fixes for a while but no new features. It is highly recommended to choose a git master build; unlike many software, releases are primarily made for the convenience of OS distributors and package managers and don't signify greater stability or maturity. For a bug report to be accepted, the issue must be reproducible using a very recent git master build.

All builds are 64-bit, static and licensed as GPLv3; the release full variant is also available as a shared build with development files. A set of supplementary tools are available in the tools section. These are updated infrequently and are licensed as LGPLv3.

Use the free 7-zip utility to open .7z files.


libraries in essentials build
avisynth+ libaom libass libfreetype libfribidi libharfbuzz libgme libgsm libmp3lame libopencore-amrnb libopencore-amrwb libopenjpeg libopenmpt libopus librubberband libspeex libsrt libssh libtheora libvidstab libvmaf libvo-amrwbenc libvorbis libvpx libwebp libx264 libx265 libxvid libzimg libzmq mediafoundation sdl2
additional libraries in full build
chromaprint frei0r ladspa libaribb24 libaribcaption libbluray libbs2b libcaca libcdio libcodec2 libdav1d libdavs2 libflite libilbc libjxl liblensfun libmodplug libmysofa libplacebo libqrencode libquirc librav1e librist libshaderc libshine libsnappy libsoxr libsvtav1 libtwolame libuavs3d libxavs2 libxevd libxeve libzvbi opencl vulkan
hardware-support libraries in all builds
amf cuda cuvid d3d11va d3d12va dxva2 libvpl nvdec nvenc vaapi